Elegance & History

Our guests are often amazed at the transformation of this special property and wonder how we were able to transform this land into the world-class retreat center it is today. It is the land itself that guided us! It speaks to you!
From the first moment we stepped onto this sacred site it has been speaking and we have been listening. With every breath, ever more magic is revealed!”

Casa Canari Pyraimd
Casa Canari Rooftop terrace

There is a peace and tranquility here that defies words and is waiting for you to connect with!

Abundant mature trees of stunning varieties, (many are hundreds of years old), flowers, birds and stunning views are all here!  Cradled on the Andean mountainside, there are archeological sites, hiking trails, waterfalls, 2000+ year old petroglyphs and so much more for you to explore…all onsite!

Shortly after arriving, Sri & Kira set to work and restored the main Hacienda courtyard that is approximately 200 years old. Built from mud, straw, bamboo and other organic materials the compatibility with ascended frequencies is rare and beautiful! You can feel the love pouring through this living structure!

A greenhouse and gardens now provide organic bounty and you will be enjoying fresh food grown onsite in addition to the local indigenous farms that border the property. Kira shares how on any given day a local indigenous farmer arrives at the door offering to them the morning harvest!

The Central courtyard is filled with Angel Trumpets, A crystal garden, and the blissful sounds of the Shiva Linga Fountain created for Sri & Kira specifically for this property by their dear friends in India.

Fresh Vegetarian Vegan Food from the mountains (1)

The Linga is a rare and very large Black Narmada stone set into a hand-carved marble base! Such infinite presence and healing emanating for the blessing of all! Merlins Cottage, another original structure, was restored and now is a popular Casita for overnight guests due to its magical energy and original 200-year-old touches!

TOSA Blue Mountain is a RARE GIFT for all! Sharing time here ignites an inner peace that has been waiting for you to reclaim and we are dedicated to your tranquility and enjoyment.
Gift yourself with the experience of sharing time with AUTHENTICITY!

A Crystalline Light Portal supporting the stability of the Earth’s Crystalline Grid

Sri & Kira have traveled the world, opening crystalline light portals. Their residencies & self-ascension campuses over the past 18 years are hubs of ascension frequencies and pure mystical magic. From New Mexico, to Lake Atitlan Guatemala, Uruguay and now the Andes of Ecuador– These activated portals of Light radiate and support the stability of the Earth’s Crystalline Grid.

Sri & Kira are dedicated to serving the upliftment of humanity by modeling the Art of Ascended Living and demonstrating Spiritual generosity. This sacred land of TOSA Blue Mountain, in the Andes, offers healing and ascension frequencies to all who visit, as well as a Campus for Ascension modeling Peace, Love & Joy.

Sri & Kira’s sanctuary offers visitors the opportunity to fully experience the blessing of the Art of Ascended Living as they live the gift of the Yoga of Self-Ascension!

Fresh Vegetarian Vegan Food from the mountains (1)

From the TOSA fire ceremony in September. No tangible gift I send could equate gratitude as much as this feeling.
~ from Lori Freed


A Self-Ascension Campus & Retreat Center

A Self-Ascension Campus & Retreat Center

Couple - Tosa Blue Mountain
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