TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary

A Self-Ascension Campus & Retreat Center

The World Tourism Group gives Ecuador its seal of approval Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism has received “Safe Travels” status from the World Travel and Tourism Council.

TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary is a safe, clean, all-inclusive destination location. Our safety protocols meet or exceed international standards. TBM is COVID 19 Free.

The vast amenities and powerful healing energies that exist here are EXTRAORDINARY!

"A Self-Ascension Campus Modeling
Peace, Love and Joy"

Every day at TOSA Blue Mountain reveals the greater depth and harmony of the truth of YOU! This is the moment to say YES to the dream you are ready to call forward!
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The Land of The Cañari

Come explore what Tosa Blue Mountain has to offer!

Known as an ACTIVE Spiritual Expansion Vortex & Portal for millenia, TBM lovingly co-resides with a 2500 year old ORIGINAL Cañari Settlement! Radiating Divine Connection the energy here defies description. Nestled in a Sacred Andean Valley just outside of the UNESCO CIty of Cuenca Ecuador, where the Medicine of San Pedro cactus grow, the Condor soar and the air so sweet, your heart will sing!
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Welcome Home

Relax and sink into the tranquility. Allow your breath to be spacious as your heart opens!

Discover the depth of your soul in your private nature sanctuary! TOSA Blue Mountain Frees you from the experience of RMF, Chem Trails and other "modern" assaults. INDULGE in the support as your body, mind and spirit SOAR!

Private Sessions with Sri & Kira Uniquely Life-Changing!

Invite yourself to go as far as you enjoy! Feel safe and loved through as you experience the Art of Ascended Living.

Often during these wondrous moments, we may discover that a greater insight is being birthed or an old wound has surfaced to be released.

Visit our Holistic Services Page for a complete list of private sessions & offerings

Gift yourself a night, a week, a month, or a year...
The vast amenities and powerful healing energies that exist here are EXTRAORDINARY!

Discover onsite archaeological sites, explore the mountain, spend a day in an Indigenous village or simply soak in the beauty of Gaia! Your journey is as unique as you are and we welcome you home.

TOSA Blue Mountain limits overnight guests to assure your spaciousness and personalized service.

A Self-Ascension Community Campus

Self- Ascension is the divine recognition that all beings carry the full nature of the sacred inside themselves.

This blessing, when awakened, ignites the ability to live a life of joyful abundance.

For over 18 years, Sri & Kira offer the energy of authenticity as the gift of Universal Spirituality known as “The Yoga of Self-Ascension”

Long-term volunteer & residency options available to students of the Yoga of Self-Ascension

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Visit Tosa Blue Mountain

Imagine yourself relaxing into the supportive nature of personalized attention, 100% ORGANIC vegan/vegetarian meals all included, elegant accommodations, walking the ancient trails, meditating inside an Andean Mountain Cave, discovering your ancient energy through Mystical ceremonies, and connecting with the rarified energy of Sacred Mother Gaia in our AUTHENTIC TEMESCAL as you re-discover the BLISS of YOU!

TOSA BLUE MOUNTAIN is an AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL 200+ year old Homestead nestled in the Andes mountains. 25 pristine acres encompassing ONSITE hiking trails, meditation caves, archeological sites, State of the Art-yoga studio, Water therapy center and so much more!

Breathe, smile and explore our website as you EMBRACE the BEAUTY of your true nature! TBM is far from ordinary and for those who are ready to REDISCOVER, RECLAIM and REMEMBER the greater vision of your life experience! Ask about our specialty
retreat programs including:
Reverse Aging! Detox and Rejuvenation! Weight Normalization!

Life-Turnaround Program w/Sri & Kira. 7-30 days! CLAIM VITALITY, RESTORE JOY, LIVE AUTHENTICALLY!

Custom programs are our specialty…share your vision! 

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