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Brilla Rose, Onsite Guest Services Coordinator

Brilla Rose is from San Francisco, California. During her last year of college, where she studied Environmental Science & Organic Agriculture, Brilla experienced a profound Heart Chakra activation at Mt. Shasta, CA followed by an intense "dark night of the soul," self-healing from Hashimotos Autoimmune disease, and soul-searching through working on organic farms throughout the USA. Following her guidance & intuition, Brilla left the US by bicycle for Mexico in 2018 and made her way south to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and then Ecuador to be with her beloved teachers. Brilla has been a student of Sri & Kira's & the Yoga of Self-Ascension for the last five years. Sri & Kira's teachings, TOSA, & the self-ascension community, continue to uplift & shift her life in miraculous ways! When you arrive at TBM, you will be greeted first by Brilla. We are sincerely looking forward to meeting you soon!

Lorena Vintimilla, Staff Doctor

Dr. Lorena Vintimilla is truly an Angel in form! She is a doctor at the General Hospital in Cuenca, Ecuador and also the doctor for TOSA Blue Mountain's very own "Clinica Linda," A free clinic for the local people of the inter-Andean valley where TBM is located. Lorena's passion is to help and take care of her patients, giving them the best quality of life that she can. Lorena offers on-site treatments at TBM for profound health, vitality & wellness including Myers Cocktails, a complete IV-therapy of vitamin c, b-complex vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that go perfectly in your body, increasing your immune system and energy! "Life is beautiful, don't waste your time on negative things and ways. Give the best of you, always, to everyone--in soul, mind, and heart." -Dr. Lorena Vintimilla

Wilmer Cubas Hurtado, Grounds Manager 

Wilmer has been with us here at TOSA since the very beginning! He and his wife are both from Cajamarca, Peru and live in Paute with their two children. He came to Ecuador, originally, because he has friends here and wanted to discover new places. Wilmer has been working professionally in fields of construction, carpentry, electricity etc. for more than 15 years. He enjoys walking in the countryside with his family on the weekends and dreams of visiting Peru again, with his whole family. Wilmer has built many of the buildings here, including the brand new Yoga Studio!

Paulina Sanchez, Head of Housekeeping

Paulina lives in Paute, Ecuador with her two daughters aged 11 and 16 and has been in the housekeeping industry for over 7 years! Her dreams are to finish building her house and support her daughters in higher education and their future careers. For fun, she loves to cook and spend time with her daughters on their farm where they have chickens, gardens of vegetables and fruit trees. "I am very happy to have the opportunity to work here at TOSA, in such a beautiful place!" - Paulina

Angel Lopez, Master Gardener

Angel was born and raised on a farm about 10 minutes walk from TOSA and remembers playing on the large stones of the Lost City (on the mountain above TBM) as a child. His mother, Maria Rosario, grew up growing corn and raising cows in the mountains just above TBM. Angel lives on his farm, where he grows vegetables to sell at the local markets, with his wife (of 38 years!) and son. His other two children are grown and live nearby. Angel loves his family and his animals and enjoys spending time outside, in nature, together. Angel has been with us here at TOSA since the very beginning! All of the beautiful plants, veggie gardens, fruit trees here are cared for by Angel. 

Angel Farez, Grounds Maintenance 

Angel is from Paute, where he lives today with his wife and young daughter who is just four years old, a pet chihuahua, cat and many chickens! His favorite thing to do is spend time with his daughter, Dana, in parks & outside in the country, showing her different animals and flowers. His dream is to build a house for him and his family. Angel manages the Water Therapy Center and helps care for the land, plants, and grounds here at TBM. 

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TOSA BLUE MOUNTAIN is an AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL 200+ year old Homestead nestled in the Andes mountains. 25 pristine acres encompassing ONSITE hiking trails, meditation caves, archeological sites, State of the Art-yoga studio, Water therapy center and so much more!

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