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Go beyond the ordinary into the Rare. Ready to release all pain? Ready to claim your inspiration? It’s time to manifest your vision!

Crystalline Atlantean Healing Chamber with Sri & Kira

Quantum healing is fast, powerful and supports your Self-Ascension process!

The AHC looks for root causes of discomfort from the current life time AND prior lifetimes. This includes unconscious dogmas, limiting beliefs and habitual patterns.

ALSO! The AHC specifically addresses energetic interference, including phobias, imprints from ancestry, the culture of origin and relationships.

If present, any entities, ghosts or inter-dimensional imprints are identified and resolved.

Your chamber consists of two “formal sessions” with Sri & Kira plus personalized processes you will be asked to complete. You will meet in the Sacred Healing Chamber for your sessions.

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Ayurveda Pizhichil Therapy (90 minutes) $111

Known throughout the ages as the “treatment of kings”, everything about this process is a delight for the mind and body. It consists of slowly dripping medicinal oil on the body to assist with the deeper reception of the process, while applying the massage to deepen the profound gift of the oil application. Indulge in the deeper experience of YOU as you relax into the envision of experiencing your fully centered presence as your ‘self’.


  1. Muscle problems, Rheumatism
  2. Arthritis
  3. Depression
  4. Anxiety
  5. Rejuvenates and tones the skin
  6. Elimination of toxins
  7. Absolute relaxation
Ayurveda Pizhichil Therapy

“Ready for ME” Massage (60 Minutes) $50.00

This skilled massage therapy incorporates effective and soothing ancestral techniques consisting of sliding, kneading, vibrations, percussion, and friction in muscles throughout the body. Prepare to sink into the gift of YOU!


  1. Relax the body and mind.
  2. Relieves muscle aches.
  3. Improves lymphatic circulation.
  4. Eliminates toxins.
  5. Oxygenates the skin

Bar none the most amazing Hot Stone
Massage! (90 minutes) $88.00

This unique hot stone massage combines therapeutic massage with the application of stones to the skin at different temperatures, (both hot and cold), to facilitate the flow of vital energy and thus alleviate physical and emotional disorders. Sacred oils are prepared and used throughout the service as the aromatherapy adds to the overall effect.


  1. Eliminates toxins
  2. Stimulates metabolism
  3. Relieves menstrual cramps
  4. Relieves muscle aches
  5. Reduces stress
  6. Provides deep relaxation
  7. Induces sleep

Rife Therapy: Treat ANY condition with ease!

The Rife machine is a crystal generator designed to regenerate cells in the human body by producing sound waves compatible with the wellness needs of the cells. Our Avesa Balancing & Spa Concierge will program the machine with a frequency perfectly suited to your needs. The rife machine has specific codes for thousands of conditions from hypothyroid, cancer, osteoporosis, chronic inflammation & so much more. This therapy assists the body’s natural healing ability and facilitates bringing the body back to “normal” frequency and a return to health and wellness.

$100 Initial Treatment; includes consultation and unique program design
$44 Subsequent Treatments

(60 minutes) $77.00

A perfect fusion of techniques, environments, and philosophies come together to achieve peace and perfect harmony. This process offers greater balance of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, providing satisfaction to all the senses. The application and use of sacred oils and aroma therapy add to the therapeutic value of this experience. Tailored for your needs be sure to share what you are needing and then relax into the receiving!


  1. Relax the body and mind.
  2. Relieves muscle aches.
  3. Improves lymphatic circulation.
  4. Eliminates toxins.
  5. Oxygenates the skin

Luxurious Manicures & Pedicures

Standard manicure: Relax your hands as they soak and soften and then we apply our natural scrub to prepare your hands! Careful attention is offered to your nails with removing the cuticules as necessary, shaping the free edge of nail and of course a yummy massage of the hands. Complete this process with the application of color or buff as you prefer.

Gel manicure: All of the benefits and gifts of the standard maincure with the applicatoin of gel nailpolish that invites your hands to feel freshly manicured for WEEKS!

Pedicure: A luxurious treatment of the feet and toenails. Soak and relax your feet in the foot spa as our technician gently scrubs and removes the dead skin cells of the feet. Complete with shaping of your toenails, soothing and relaxing massage and completing with the application of color of buffing, your choice.


  1. Spa Manicure: $16
  2. Spa Gel Manicure: $30
  3. Spa Pedicure: $35
  4. Spa Manicure and Pedicure package: $44

Ecuadorian Organic CHOCOLATE BODY WRAP (120 minutes) $122

Chocolate is known for its antioxidant properties and is the ideal treatment to make the skin look like new. It increases the activity of collagen and elastin, and is often a vital remedy to improve dry skin. INCLUDES the “Jet Lag/Wellness Massage.”


  1. Hydration
  2. Nutrition
  3. Detoxification
  4. Skin Regeneration
  5. Skin Remineralization
  6. Reduce Blemishes
  7. Improved mood

Daily Avesa Balancing Package

Invite your chakra system to remain in Peace, Love and Joy while sustaining Ascended presence… the space for miracles to manifest! This beautiful process is experienced by both Sri & Kira simultaneously as you relax on a massage table. You will be taught the Avesa Breath and offered practices to integrate your sessions.

Individual sessions: $50 per session or reduced-price multi-session packages also available


Private Guided Life Turnaround Journey
and/or Detox Packages, 3 – 45 Days
(with daily private consultations)

A customized Detox Journey combining daily Avesa Balancing with specially prepared juices and meal menus to assist the body to gently and lovingly release that which is ready to leave and call forward that you are ready to manifest! Life turnaround Journeys include cooking lessons, custom health assessments by our Holistic professionals and much more! You will return REFRESHED, REJUVENATED and INSPIRED!
We will ask you to complete a personalized questionnaire so that your Life Turnaround and/or detox journey can be tailored to your needs and every package includes supportive advanced healing processes.


Sacred Medicine Ceremonies

At TBM we call forward this divine entheogenic* plant in complete harmony with the Ascended energies and paradigm shifts that many are sensing and experiencing. This is the valley where this medicine has grown wild for 1000’s of years. Customized Sacred Medicine journeys with intention setting ceremony and option to harvest & process your own sacred medicine! Click the button below to learn more.


Private Reading with Master
Lady Kira Raa

A gifted Oracle, Master Lady Kira Raa completely separates from the body as your personal guides bring exactly what it is needed at the time of the session.

This is NOT TAROT and unlike any type of “reading” you have ever had. Known as “the reader’s reader,” Master Lady Kira Raa expands your consciousness to connect with your soul and gently assist integration for an Enlightened state now!

While not necessary, you may ask specific questions if desired. You will receive an mp3 recording.


Electrostatic Field Therapy
AKA The Bliss Machine!

This Electrostatic Field Therapy device acts on the body by employing electric field physiotherapy, with the purpose of realizing greater health, leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and blissed out! This machine helps to purify the blood, unblock the bodies meridians and assists the electrical signals of the body to transmit smoothly among many other benefits! In short, the “bliss machine” brings the body into a greater state of harmony and wellness.

Free single treatment with Atlantean Healing Chamber
$25 Single Treatment
$75 Pack of Four Treatments

Day Trip to Piedra de Agua

We offer transportation to and from Piedra de Agua. Piedra de Agua is a modern and complete thermal tourism center located 10 minutes from downtown Cuenca – Ecuador.

Built almost entirely from limestone rock of volcanic origin carved out of the same location, Piedra de Agua combines stone, glass and wood in its clean and modern architecture to achieve delicate and comforting spaces.

Their main attractions are our THERMAL WATER of volcanic origin and a series of related services which include volcanic mud treatments, vaporized massages, steam baths, contrast baths, box steam baths and more.

Day Trips to Ingapirca and Chobshi

Our deep bond with the local Cañari offer you optional Day Trips to sacred sites and local gifts of magic not commonly accessed by tourists, including off-site ceremonies.

Cosmically awake ancient sites, both Chobshi and Ingapirca offer a divine cosmic portal of connection! Both unguided and guided tours available with a local guide or Sri & Kira… please ask for details!

Safe, reliable and comfortable transportation included.


Laser Therapy Treatments

Living with chronic pain can make you feel helpless, which can lead to excessive use of
painkillers and even depression.

Receive better, safer solution over prescription drugs and expensive procedures.

Receive treatment for ankle, back of neck, shoulder, wrist, bottom of foot and lower back, and


Full-Body Detox: Healing Begins at the Feet!

The TOSA foot detox protocol will leave you feeling cleansed, rejuvenated and purified inside and out! Begin surrounded by the crystalline healing frequencies from inside the Violet Ray Dome and several divine minutes of infrared massage on your feet while you’re foot bath is being prepared. Now that your feet are open and receptive, sit back and relax with the ionic foot detox bath and activated bamboo charcoal massage belt! Your foot bath includes reading at both 15 minutes and 30 minutes to discover what exactly your body is expelling (e.g. heavy metals, excess yeast, deep liver cleanse). Afterwards, sink into a Rosemary & herb restorative foot soak and final massage with silicone cream, ideal for softening and healing the skin.

  1. $35 one treatment
  2. $99 Package of 3
  3. $111 Package of 4

Cosmic Life Regression Session and/or Ascended Numerology Life Sessions with Master Lady Kira Raa!


Divine empowerment awaits us all when we unlock the codes of our soul! Through Cosmic Life Regression, Master Lady Kira Raa guides you to the place of your soul’s origin & between lives to clearly remember, heal and integrate your mastery!

Ascended Numerology, (the ancient ORIGINAL ESSENE system), calls forward answers to many of life’s questions. You will receive a full color comprehensive chart PLUS a full hour with Master Lady Kira Raa deciphering every detail and answering your questions!


On-site & Off-Site Ceremonies

TOSA Blue Mountain is home to an authentic Mayan Ceremonial site. Sri & Kira were blessed by BOTH the High Priest of the Mayan and the High Oracle of the Maya to personally create each ceremony. This is a rare treat as these active priests who normally do not make themselves available to “outsiders” spent many years with Sri & Kira.

Sri & Kira prefer that a ceremony be reserved in advance and make the final decision if they are willing to offer you a ceremony based upon your highest good.

This ceremony is the real thing! It is not a “tourist ceremony.” If Sri & Kira agree, they will select the day during your stay with that best suits you according to the unified energy of Ascended Numerology, The Mayan Calendar and your intentions.


Cosmic Connection Picnic in the Park

Your private time at the top of the mountain and sacred archaeological site! Three hours of private access to the Temple, gourmet lunch selection & picnic basket, wine or champagne all served and delivered along with a private tour!

Interested in having a private picnic somewhere else on the TBM property? Please ask!


Sunrise Hike up the Mountain!

Meet under the Pyramid behind Merlin’s Cottage at 5:15 AM. Bring your walking stick, a bottle of water, flashlight and most importantly your camera! We will ascend together to the top of the mountain to witness the first rays of light over the mountain tops, in-joying the delight of the Andes Mountains coming alive!


Comprehensive Life Crafting Coaching and/or Medical Intuitive Session with Sri Ram Kaa

Avesa Master Healer Medical Intuitive, Sri assists to quickly shift pain and confusion as you move into a centered, soul connected space. These life crafting healing sessions are highly effective forrestoring balance to the physical body, peace to the emotional body, and joy to the spirit. You may want to consider daily sessions or after-care packages with Sri via Skype from your home.


Day in Chordeleg, Panama Hat Factory, Sig Sig & The Orchid Experience!

The villages Sig Sig and Chordeleg, just 45 minutes east of Cuenca. In these places we will find beautiful landscape, local artisans and families who still are making textiles the same way as the Cañaris did 500 years ago, also along the way you will have the opportunity to visit an orchid farm that has more than 2000 species of orchids!

Guided Tour and Safe, Reliable Transportation included!


Four Directions Fire Ring Private Visioning Experience

Delight in the flames of your own personal night out under the stars. Take in the magnificent brilliance of the Ecuadorian sky as you, and perhaps a special someone else, gaze in comfort by the warmth of the fire and served hot cocoa made with local, Ecuadorian chocolate.

Interested in having a private picnic somewhere else on the TBM property? Please ask!

On-site Art, Crystal Energy, and Violet Ray Shiva Temple Tours

Learn the stories behind the artifacts that have been gifted to Sri and Kira from Divinely inspired artists, and Representatives of Indigenous cultures, to divine callings to purchase certain artifacts for vibrational frequency and upliftment.

Listen to stories of the most stunning and powerful crystals at TOSA Blue Mountain. Discover all about the Violet Ray Shiva Temple and its stories. This is an incredible Sacred Space, that radiates divine love, peace, harmony, and balance!


Sunrise Hike up the Mountain

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